Street-X (4-12 Years)

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BuddyIs it a go-kart? Or is it a motorcycle? With this racing monster on three wheels you get the best of both and get the best out of yourself! Because with the right body balance, you can master the sharpest turns and the coolest maneuvers. You and your Street-X merge into a whirlwind on wheels. The new Street-X is available in two versions: Venom and Vipes. Whichever model you choose, the features are the same. For example, they both have the BFR system, which allows you to brake with the pedals and go backwards immediately after stopping. So you're super maneuverable!

The BERG Street-X is equipped with the unique BFR system. BFR is the abbreviation of Break, Freewheel, Reverse. The BFR system makes it possible to brake with the pedals and reverse immediately after stopping. This makes the BERG Street-X extremely easy and light to drive! In addition, the BFR system ensures a perfect combination of safety and maximum fun.