Berg Offroad

Berg Toys brings adventure and excitement to a new level with its range of children's offroad go-karts. Featuring the Jeep Revolution, X-ite, X-Plore, and X-Cross models, Berg Toys offers a diverse selection of high-quality offroad vehicles for young adventurers.

Jeep Revolution – Unparalleled Offroad Experience for the Little Ones
The Jeep Revolution go-kart from Berg Toys draws inspiration from the legendary Jeep vehicles, providing an authentic offroad experience for children. With sturdy offroad tires, an adjustable seat, and a unique Jeep design, this go-kart ensures hours of outdoor fun.

X-ite – Compact, Agile, Adventure-Ready
The Berg Toys X-ite go-kart is the perfect choice for young adventurers valuing compactness and agility. With its aerodynamic design and offroad tires, the X-ite conquers any terrain. The adjustable seat allows for individual customization, while the BFR hub shift enables effortless braking and reverse driving.

X-Plore – Discover Nature with Style
Combining style and performance, the Berg Toys X-Plore go-kart is a great choice for young explorers. Featuring a distinctive design and high-quality components, it offers a comfortable ride with air tires and the unique BFR hub shift for seamless transitions between forward, brake, and reverse.

X-Cross – Robustness for Extreme Conditions
For adventure-loving kids unwilling to compromise on robustness, the Berg Toys X-Cross go-kart is the ideal pick. With its sturdy frame, offroad tires, and adjustable seat, the X-Cross is ready for any challenge.

All Berg Toys offroad go-karts are manufactured under stringent quality standards, providing not only endless driving fun but also promoting physical activity and the development of children's motor skills.

Explore the world of offroad adventures with Berg Toys' children's go-karts – Jeep Revolution, X-ite, X-Plore, and X-Cross bring joy to children's eyes, creating unforgettable outdoor experiences!