Berg Urban

Berg Go-Karts offers an impressive range of high-quality and safe vehicles for young adventurers. From the smallest to the slightly older ones – there's an ideal go-kart for every young racer.

Berg Buddy (3-8 years): The Buddy series is perfect for the youngest drivers aged 3 to 8. With a sturdy frame and a unique BFR system that allows braking and reverse driving, children experience maximum safety and fun. The Buddy go-karts come in various exciting colors, providing young racers with an unforgettable driving experience.

Berg Rally (4-12 years): The Rally series is the next level for aspiring racers aged 4 to 12. Featuring a sporty design, air-filled tires, and the proven BFR system, these go-karts offer an authentic driving feel. The adjustable seat position allows the go-kart to grow with the child as they further develop their driving skills.

Berg Street-X (6-12 years): The Street-X series is designed for older kids aged 6 to 12, offering an urban and cool design. With a sturdy frame, air-filled tires, and the unique BFR system, kids not only experience ultimate driving fun but also the freedom to explore their surroundings.

Explore the world of Berg Go-Karts – where safety, quality, and driving fun take the lead. Invest in a go-kart that grows with your child, providing unforgettable adventures on four wheels. Berg Go-Karts – the top choice for young racers!