Warranty & Deadlines

Berg Gokart Warranty
All BERG products are of excellent quality. For years of carefree fun with your go-kart, Berg offers you a two-year guarantee from the date of purchase on the frame and add-on parts. Wear parts such as hoses, tyres, chains, etc. are excluded from this. The manufacturer's warranty period on the frame can be extended to 5 years free of charge if you register your go-kart online with Berg within one month of purchase: https://www.bergtoys.com/de/registration.

For warranty claims, please always contact the point of sale where you purchased your product. This is responsible for the warranty and warranty processing in a warranty case and is obliged to do so.

Important note: We are not the manufacturer BERG, we sell their products as a reseller.

If there is a legitimate defect, a complete warranty claim must be submitted by email to info [at] trampolinstore [dot] ch. This must contain the following:

Please click here for instructions on how to read the Article number (Art.No.) and Batch number (B/N) of your go-kart. Without the above information, we cannot process warranty claims or forward them to the manufacturer.

Please do not send in any material to us before we have asked you to do so. There is no right to replacement material during the processing time, immediate availability of spare parts cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that are excluded from the manufacturer's warranty:
  • Damage caused by improper use, misuse, overloading or external force.
  • Defects that are not reported immediately upon knowledge
  • Products that have been modified in any way after purchase
  • Products that have not been assembled and used in accordance with the assembly and user manuals
  • Products that are used for commercial purposes
  • Wear parts like tubes, tires, chains, etc.